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Job management software designed for gas engineers in the UK. Save time by automating tedious administrative work. Available on iOS, Android, and online.

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How JobStaq can help

Digital gas certificates

Complete a range of digital industry-standard gas certificates from your phone, including landlord gas certs (CP12), warning notices (CP14), maintenance checklists (CP6).

Certificates are branded with your company logo and colours, with business details automatically filled to save you time.

Automatic reminders

Automatically send customers emails and text messages when their properties are due for a repeat boiler service or gas safety inspection to increase repeat business without the administrative overhead.

Auto-fill asset details

Save information of boilers, hobs, water tanks, and other appliances at your customer properties. These can be used on future visits to automatically populate gas certificates, saving time for your engineers, and providing useful data to assist if a customer calls asking for help.

Self-serve customer booking portal

Service and gas safety certificates visits are usually fixed-price and fixed-duration. So reduce the administrative workload of manually scheduling these visits by using our customer booking portal, to allow your customers to schedule this work without any involvement from your staff.

This feature integrates with service reminders, allowing customers to easily book their next service straight from their reminder message.

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