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Job management software designed for gas engineers in the UK. Save time by automating tedious administrative work.

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The JobStaq app and web interface

Helping you to manage your business

JobStaq will help automate and simplify the administrative functions of a gas engineer and business owners. This will create a more professional customer impression, result in more higher margin jobs and mean gas engineers can spend increased time working at for customers rather than managing paperwork.

Customer details

Store all of your customer details in one easy to use database. Access phone, email and address details quickly and easily.

Job history

Access the job history for each of your customers. Retrieve invoices, quotes, certificates and other files associated with previous jobs.


Schedule jobs into a calendar against each engineer, and communicate scheduling details to the engineer and the customer.

Reports & documents

Save time and money with digital documents. Create unlimited quotes, invoices, gas certificates or reminder notices to send to your customers, all branded with your company details.

Manage accounts

Raise invoices, collect payments, identify and chase overdue payments, and integrate all invoices and payments into industry leading accounting software such as Xero and QuickBooks.

Customer marketing

Make more money off your existing customers through automatic scheduling of recurring events such as boiler services, or send out targeted email campaigns to promote a new or discounted service.


Have all your communications, certificates, quotes and invoices branded with your logo and colour scheme to help strengthen your brand. This will lead to increased customer retention and increased referrals.


Improve your communication with customers with a range of message templates that can be sent by email, text, or a print and post service. Many routine communications can be automated to save time and money.


Store your insurance, van documents, gas card details, analyser certificates and many other business critical documents in one locations for easy retrieval. Receive automated reminders when renewals are due.

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