Quick and professional digital forms

Quickly create professional, branded forms from your devices. Choose from a wide range of industry standard forms, or create your own custom forms to digitise workflows.

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Automatically fill data

can be completed quickly and easily with most of the record being automatically populated with your details, customer details, and even appliance details (if populated from a previous visit).

Increased professionalism

Our certificates are branded with both your company logo (if uploaded) and colour scheme creating a strong professional image to your customers.

Easy to issue

Your forms can be quickly issued alongside an invoice once the work is complete from the app or website by email or printed and posted.

Automatic reminders

Your customers can receive automatic emails and SMS reminders to encourage them to re-schedule this recurring work with you. This will greatly reduce your admin in chasing up customers to schedule this work.

Save money

Using JobStaq will save you hundreds of pounds each year in paper stationary and postage costs required to issue your certificates to landlords and agents. Digital record are also much more environmentally friendly!

Analyser integration

Import and fill readings from supported Kane and Anton analysers to save time on data entry.

Industry-Standard forms

JobStaq offers a wide range of standard gas, oil, and electrical certificates to all users. We're always open to adding any forms which you require which are currently missing from our software. https://knowledgebase.jobstaq.co.uk/en-gb/7/17

Custom forms

JobStaq allows you to create custom forms for your business to digitise your workflows.

Input types

Pick from a wide variety of supported input types, including free-form text, dropdowns, numbers, signatures, assets, dates, customers and files.

Conditional fields

Show or hide fields depending on previous answers in order to only show inputs when required.

Custom design

Upload a Word document to be used when generating PDFs of your form responses to send to customers, or use our default template to match the style of our standard forms.

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