Gas Service Checklist (CP6)

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What's a Maintenance / Service Checklist?

A CP6 certificate, often referred to as a Maintenance or Service Checklist, records the maintenance and servicing work carried out on gas appliances and systems. Unlike the CP12 certificate, which is a mandatory annual safety check, the CP6 is more focused on the routine maintenance and servicing of these systems to ensure their efficient and safe operation over time. Some boiler manufacturers may require this to be completed for a warranty to remain valid.

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How can JobStaq help?

There are a number of benefits to completing your maintenance checklists using our app or software:

  • Automatically fill your business, customer, and appliance details to save engineers time
  • Send automatic reminders the following year to remind customers to have their appliances serviced
  • Look professional by having certificates match your company branding, including your logo and colour scheme
  • Easily issue digital copies of certificates
  • Don't worry about unreadable handwriting!

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