Quickly contact your customers

JobStaq enables you to quickly communication with your customers, and automatically send your customers messages in response to other actions in your account.

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Create templates for commonly sent messages to save you from re-typing the same message repeatedly. Make use of variables (such as customer name, address) to automatically customise messages.


Make use of triggers to automatically send customers messages in response to certain events, such as when an engineer departs to their property, or when they've paid an invoice.

Communication history

Access the full history of communications related to a customer or job directly from JobStaq.

Status notifications

We'll notify you if your communication can't be delivered to a customer so you're kept in the loop if a customer won't receive what you sent them (such as if you type their email incorrectly), preventing you from losing out on business due to lost messages.

Automatic reminders

Automatically notify your customers when they have a form due for renewal, when an invoice is overdue and requires payment, or to remind them about a quote you sent, saving you time.

Multiple channels available

We offer a range of options to allow you to keep in contact with your customers in the most suitable way.


Send emails to your customers, add CC/BCC recipients, and attach any required files.


Send short notifications to your customers. Our attachment portal allows you to include a link to any files in your messages which your customers can download from our website.

Printed letters

No need to find the time to make your way to a postbox anymore, or maintain a printer. JobStaq allows you to send a letter and attached files to your customer straight from your phone or computer via our printing partner.

Phone calls

Log details of key points discussed on phone calls to your customer communication history for future reference.

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