Why JobStaq?

Here are a few key benefits which JobStaq can provide for your company.

Speed up your admin

Using the software, you will be able to access customer, property and gas appliance details. This information can be easily accessed to schedule jobs, create quotes and invoices and complete a range forms, quickly and easily.

Comply with regulations

As a small business, you will have to comply with many regulations. You need to retain all CP12 documents for two years, comply with GDPR and keep all financial records for six years. JobStaq will help you to manage all of these regulations.

Win you more work

JobStaq has a range of tools and features that will make you stand out from your competitors. Use JobStaq to make your communications look more professional and the scheduling tools to ensure you don't miss appointments. Gaining the trust of new customers will help you win more work and lead to higher levels of referrals.

Unlimited free forms

Create professional-looking, branded service records, landlord safety records, warning notices and many other forms. All forms can be completed in a matter of minutes and can be sent directly to your customers as a PDF.

Increased automation

JobStaq can automate many recurring tasks like sending out annual service reminders to customers or chasing customers for missing invoice payments. The more tasks you can automate, the more time you can spend with your customers.

Improved customer satisfaction

JobStaq will improve the quality of your communication with customers. The software can automate texts or emails to confirm appointment time or to notify an engineer’s expected arrival time. Keeping your customers more informed will result in higher levels of satisfaction.

Get your customers to call you before they contact your competitor!

Repeating jobs like annual boiler services and landlord gas safety record should be a reliable and steady source of income. However, failure to contact your customers before the work is due may mean you lose this work to one of your rivals.

JobStaq can prevent this from happening by sending automated emails reminding your customers that this work needs doing and asking that they contact you to schedule this work. It can then send follow up emails and text messages if they do not respond. Automatic reminders save you time and mean you do not lose repeating jobs to your rivals.

Automated service reminders saves us time and helps us to win more work. It’s as simple as that!

Win more work from your quotes

JobStaq will allow you to create templates for different types of quotations such as a combi-boiler swap, a full central heating installation, a radiator installation or a power flush. You can take time to describe the work in detail and make sure that the words used help to sell your business and provide the customer with the information that they will need to buy your product and service.

When required, all you need to do to issue a quote is to select the required template, make some minor adjustments and press send. Your customer can receive a professionally worded quote, branded for your company in under a minute. A detailed, well-worded quote will come across as more professional and more trustworthy and will result in you winning more work.

Using JobStaq quotes resulted in us winning 30% more quotes than our previous solution.

Unlimited Gas Safe and OFTEC compliant forms

JobStaq users have access to all of the most common types of Gas Safe and OFTEC forms and warning notices. These forms branded with your company logo and in your company colours help create a professional image and are quick and easy to complete.

All of the engineer details, customer details and even gas appliance details can be pre-filled using the information in JobStaq. Gas analyser readings can also be imported directly into JobStaq so that the engineer only has to record some visual inspections. Using JobStaq forms are completed in under a minute. They can easily be emailed to your customer as a PDF along with your invoice.

We were spending over £400 per year on paper forms and notices before switching to JobStaq. We now spend less than £30 per year.

Professional looking invoices and payment collection

JobStaq allows you to customize the look and feel of your invoices and create various invoice templates for different types of jobs. When you complete a job you can convert your quote to an invoice or quickly modify one of your templates. The invoice can be sent to the customer as a PDF along with payment details and other documents relating to the job.

JobStaq supports a payment gateway, allowing customers to click on a link and pay for their invoice using either a card payment or a bank transfer. Where customers exceed payment terms, JobStaq can issue automated payment reminders of increasing severity to make payment collection quick and easy.

JobStaq allows us to take credit card payments without investing in any expensive equipment or taking out a long term contract.

Vehicle tracking for you and your customers

JobStaq supports an inexpensive vehicle tracking solution. The tracker identifies in real-time the location of your engineers on the road. It can also record distances travelled, erratic driving and vehicles speeds. Using the tracking data, you can improve scheduling decisions and also help to identify occasions when the driver broke speed limits or used the van for personal use.

JobStaq can also send an automated text or email to a customer, notifying them that the engineer has departed. The customer can use a link within this message to track the engineer to their home.

Customers now know exactly when we will be arriving; this has improved our customer satisfaction.

SMS, Email, Print and Post

JobStaq supports communication to customers by SMS, email and print and post. Everyone is familiar with email communication, but analysis has shown that up to 15% of emails end up in spam or junk folders. JobStaq, therefore, recommends that all priority communications (e.g. invoices, quotes) are sent by email along with an automated SMS to notify the customer of this communication. This prevents quotes or payment reminders not being seen by the customer.

JobStaq also supports print and post functionality. This allows quotes, invoices or forms to be sent to a third party to be printed and posted to a customer address. A letter, invoice and form call be sent for a little more than the cost of a first-class stamp.

Automated SMS messages have resulted in more jobs being booked and us being paid faster

Integration with Accounting and Marketing

The JobStaq customer database integrates with Mailchimp allowing you to send out marketing emails for your business. Whether this is to promote a new product or service, share hints and tips or provide your customers with a special offer during your quiet months, the integration will help you maximize the value of your customer's data.

JobStaq can also integrate into a range of third party accounting packages including QuickBooks and Xero. This saves your accounts team from manually entering your sales invoices in order to create your account. This should reduce the administrative cost of preparing your accounts.

Using JobStaq, we now send out quarterly newsletters to our customers, helping to build our relationship and selling more work without increasing our marketing spend

Would you benefit from using JobStaq?

Using job scheduling software such as JobStaq will benefit your company in many ways.

JobStaq can help capture all of your customer contact details, property addresses and even gas appliance details.

The information will allow you to complete gas safety documents quickly and easily and send automated communications to customers via email, print and post and SMS.

All information is secure and regularly backed up so you will never lose customer details again.

If you don’t remind your customers that they need work doing there is a risk that your customers forget to schedule a service with you or that they contact one of your competitors to schedule work with them.

JobStaq uses automated service reminders sent by email, SMS or post to remind them to book their service with you. This significantly increases the chance that this work is scheduled year-after-year with your company.

Automated reminders can also be used to chase up on unpaid invoices, quotes that have been issued or gas safety certificates.

JobStaq can quickly and easily create invoices for the work completed by you and your engineers. Invoices can be converted from an existing quote, created based on a range of templates or entered manually.

JobStaq supports a payment gateway allowing customers to make payment by card or bank transfer without any interaction from you.

JobStaq can easily provide a list of all of your customers who owe you money and send automated reminders for payments that are overdue.

JobStaq can help you create more professional-looking quotes for all of your jobs.

Using JobStaq you can create a range of templates for different types of work. When you need to issue a quote, you simply select a template, modify the text, change then price and can then issue the quote as a PDF, letter or SMS.

Whether you are preparing a quote for a radiator installation, a combi swap or a full central heating installation, using JobStaq you can complete and email a detailed quote in a matter of minutes. This professional approach will help you stand out from the crowd and increase the amount of work you win.

Most gas safety forms cost around £0.30p each to buy. If you are completing more than six forms a week (e.g. service records, safety records, warning notices etc.) then the cost of your forms alone would pay for the bronze JobStaq subscription.

Using JobStaq you get unlimited forms included in your subscription price. These forms are quicker to fill in than paper forms, are easy to send out and do not clutter up your van and office space.

Good online reviews are vital in helping you and your company win more money. The quality and quantity of reviews on job sites such as Checkatrade, MyBuilder and Rated People will help convert leads.

JobStaq will allow you to send out an automated request for feedback to every customer whom you invoice.

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