Landlord / Home Owner Domestic Gas Safety Record (CP12)

Quickly create Landlord / Home Owner Domestic Gas Safety Records from your phone or tablet, plus a large number of other Gas Safe approved forms.

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What's a Gas Safety Record?

A CP12 certificate, or Gas Safety Certificate, is a document that confirms that gas appliances in a property have been checked and are safe to use. It's a legal requirement for landlords to have their gas appliances, fittings, and flues checked annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer. This certificate is essential for ensuring the safety and proper functioning of gas installations and appliances.

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How can JobStaq help?

There are a number of benefits to completing your gas safety records through our app or software:

  • Automatically fill your business, customer, and appliance details to save engineers time
  • Automatic reminders the following year to request landlords schedule renewal of the certificate
  • Look professional by having certificates match your company branding, including your logo and colour scheme
  • Easily issue digital copies of certificates to landlords and tenants
  • Don't worry about unreadable handwriting!

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