Free CP12 Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Template

Our free fillable PDF template will save money on paper certificates, and help you keep a digital record of all your forms in one place.

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Using the template

We've got a few suggestions on how to get started once you've downloaded the free template from this page.

Populate company details

Your company details are unlikely to change often, so we recommend editing the updating template to include these values, in addition to your engineer name and signature, so you don't have to re-fill these for each certificate copy.

Duplicate the file

Whenever you're ready to create a new certificate, clone the template filled with your company details, open the PDF in a supported software, and fill out all the fields.

Send it to your customer

Once everything is completed, you can quickly email the form to your customer from your device. We recommend keeping your own copies in a central place incase you need to reference these in future.

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JobStaq can help you even more

Our free form templates are a great start to shifting your business away from paper, however, our software offers a number of additional benefits which will help you run your business. Available on iOS and Android, our app allows you to fill out gas safety records, plus a wide range of other available forms from an interface much friendlier than an editable PDF.

Auto-fill fields

Our software is designed to help you quickly fill out your forms. Your business details, customer details, and site details can be auto-filled from data already in your account. Appliance details are remembered for repeat visits, analyser readings can automatically fill from supported Bluetooth analysers, and your name and signature will be auto-filled where required.

Automatic Reminders

We'll automatically send reminders to your customers when their next annual service is nearly due to save you on administrative time, and help you win repeat business.

Custom branding

We'll insert your company logo on the top of any forms you create through our software, and brand the form to match your company's colour scheme, to help maintain a professional brand image to your customers.

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