Self-Service Bookings for your customers

Allow customers to book new work, or schedule follow-up visits for repeating work using our booking portal. Have a go to see how it could simplify your customer's experience, reduce workload for office staff, and fill your calendar!

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Skill-based assignment

Each job type enabled for customer bookings can have a list of required skills associated with it, and the system will ensure that only capable engineers are scheduled for the work.

Shift Patterns

Create shift patterns so the system is aware of working hours for each of your employees. Automatically integrates with public holidays (if desired) so you don't have to worry about manually adding holidays to the calendar. Ensure your engineers have enough time during the day for a lunch break.

Service Regions

Customise the region(s) you wish to enable automatic bookings for on the portal, so that your engineers will never travel further than you'd like.

If a customer tries booking outside this region, we'll simply show them a message asking them to contact you, with your contact details listed, so your staff can make the decision on whether or not you'd like to perform the work for the customer.

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Automatic Reminder Integration

When we send out automatic reminder emails or SMSs, you can choose to include a link to the booking portal which will auto-fill the customer's details, and make it even simpler for them to schedule a repeat visit.

Flexible Scheduling

Unlike most other Field Service scheduling systems, we make use of time windows and flexible employee assignment to help optimise your schedule. Our system has the ability to re-assign existing bookings to other skilled engineers and make time adjustments within the booking window to help maximise how full your diary is.

Booking Alerts

We'll notify you when a new booking is made, so you've got a heads-up and have a chance to reach out to the customer if anything needs clarification. You can also use triggers to send confirmation of the booking to the customer.

Customised Messaging

You're able to configure descriptions for each job type available on the portal, add terms and conditions of booking, and set a custom prompt message above the additional information field, to ensure your customers know what they're booking, and that they're giving you all the information you need.

Hosted Portal

No website? No problem!

While we've designed our portal to seamlessly integrate into your website, we also provide a hosted version which you can link your customers to if you don't have a website, or are unable to integrate our portal into it. Click here for an example.

Eco Slots

We'll highlight slots as "eco" in the portal for slots which would result in a shorter travel distance than an engineer driving directly to the customer from their home, to incentivise customers to pick slots which allow you to schedule more work into your diary.

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